Reprioritizing Your Priorities as a Clinical Leader

For women...women clinical leaders who do too much...who are racing to do the next...who hold up the banner of collaboration not competition but feel race to show up...the women who demonstrate the need to prove their presence in the ever changing populous of ABA and other clinical leaders....I will impart to you the best advise I've ever been given.

What Supervision Looks Like

While Supervision is now Protocol Modification from a medical insurance perspective. The art of what that is can be lost in the conundrum of a model. In truth, supervision better explains from a student-teacher relationship. In fact, it is better absorbed and gets to the foundation of the development of the next generation(s) of behavior analysts, RBTs, and clinicians.

#Relationship Goals

How Comparison Gets a Clinical Leader In Trouble and the Impact on Company Culture It's all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.  Pictures of the wonderful lives of people; companies; and families.  And comments follow with the hashtag of #relationship goals.  And then maybe statements of admiration follow that include "you are so amazing".  And I always …

Recruiting SLPs and BCBAs with NO Bites? Change Your Recruitment Culture

  On the Couch Passive Recruiting Doesn't Work and Here is Why... Spending more money on recruiting with no bites is not indicative of SMART recruiting. Listen and get tools on what it means to recruit in ABA Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology Here are some tips: Always be on the lookout. Are you congregating where your …