One to One Coaching and Strategy Sessions

AOZCS77GSLI’ve owned therapy practices.  Multispecialty practices.  I started out as a one woman owned business who did everything and grew to having employees.  I have had many successes and had many failures.  I have experienced burn out  and understand it well.  Getting a coach should include someone who gets it and has the experience to speak of.

I’m a mother.  I’m a wife.  I love my family and cherish my friendships.  And I appreciate this space of being a mompreneur.  Though not easy, it is important to me that I daily give up my Superwoman syndrome so that I can be authentic in caring for the people that work with me and for my family.

Our one to one sessions will include me listening,  giving support and strategy.  My heart for coaching is simple.  Therapy Should Make YOU Thrive.  You as the business owner will need to throw away the adeage that the sacrifice of yourself and family are necessary to make the business work.  I will tell you from experience that your business works well when you work well.  It is that simple.

Owning a therapy practice is tough.  You need to know so much in so little time and the rules change.

You don’t have to do this alone.

A therapy business strategist for YOU as owner with a focused vision for your therapy practice is necessary for all stages of business ownership.

  • GROW your therapy practice.
  • RECRUIT talent and invest in people.
  • STREAMLINE your process.
  • BUILD your clientele.


Let’s Thrive Together.